Learning Disabilities Tutor

Tutor Profile: Wendy Harris

wendy-harrisBorn, raised and educated in the Annapolis Valley Wendy made a commitment to work with students in this area who need her expertise most. That expertise includes 28 years of experience in the field of education and 27 years working specifically with students with learning disabilities.

With that amount of experience Wendy knows how to teach a child the strategies that will enable them to become more successful in school. For much of her career she worked at Landmark East School in Wolfville where, as the Language Arts Department Head, she worked within the provincial curriculum to meet the needs of each student. She has taught elementary and middle school math, language arts, science and social studies. In one-on-one tutorials she has experience teaching reading, spelling, writing and comprehension.

Wendy believes in making learning fun and interesting and, as a teacher of students with learning disabilities, she has been able to help many children reach their full potential.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science from Acadia University, a licensed teacher in the province of Nova Scotia.

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