Learning Disabilities Tutor


“ A great friend recommended Wendy to us and we are so thankful. Not only is she an excellent tutor, business lady, but also a good friend. Meeting Wendy changed our lives. She helped give back the confidence that was lost along the way. Reading opens so many avenues and Wendy makes it seem so easy. As Nathan said, ‘Wendy knows what I need.’ ”  Natalie

“ Katie felt relaxed and at home, with Wendi. She liked the hands-on learning and her confidence grew from the help she received. She would love to go back. We have referred 2 people and we will continue to recommend these tutoring services to friends. ”  Janelle

“ There is something magical about Wendy. She has a non-judgemental approach, and just took the reins, with authority, and her gentle nature. Dawson is willing to, and looks forward to working with Wendy, even after spending a full day at school. ”  Melanie

“ Colin really liked Wendi and enjoyed his year with her. She taught him study techniques he still uses. ”  Lisa

“ Our daughter’s grades have improved, she is more confident and less anxious. As a parent, it takes a lot of pressure off us. As a teacher once told me, ‘You have to be careful of the parent/child relationship, and preserve that.’ ”  Sonya

“ Wendi’s positivity, encouragement and leadership for my 3 years at Landmark East School allowed me to grow into a confident woman who is rarely afraid of what I cannot do. This given responsibility and respect shapes my everyday interactions and allows me to stand up for what I believe in and to create my reality accordingly. ”  Amy

“ This child has less than 8 sessions. In this short period of time, his confidence has bloomed. He looks forward to working with Wendy like he would look forward to a playdate, even after going to school all day, an hour bus ride and then a drive to tutoring. She makes it fun, and gives my child new strategies he can use in class, instead of sitting there. She is helping him become an independent learner. ”  Christy

“ Wendi, so I never ended up becoming a marine biologist, that aside, I want to say thank you. You were and are an inspiration. ”  Bernie