Learning Disabilities Tutor

Profile: Wendy Thompson

wendy-thompsonWe are excited to introduce the third member to our team – Wendy Thompson, a Speech and Language Pathologist. Wendy’s invaluable contribution is performing the assessments needed to diagnose a student’s particular language difficulty. She also develops personalized plans for intervention in the following areas:

* expressive language and oral communication skills
* comprehension of language
* articulation delays and disorders
* fluency skills
* difficulties associated with nonverbal learning disabilities
* language difficulties associated with autistic spectrum disorders
* late talkers
* language difficulties associated with developmental delay

Wendy began her work at the British Columbia Ministry of Health where she worked with children birth to school-age. From there she moved to work with the Port-Aux-Basques School Board and assisted school-aged clients with language, articulation, fluency, augmentative communication, learning disabilities and developmental delays.

From Port-Aux-Basques she moved to the Novaread Clinic in Halifax, a private clinic primarily for clients with reading and comprehension delays and disorders. Now living in the Annapolis Valley, Wendy worked for the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centre before going into private practice and working as a consultant to Landmark East School. She provides professional services for clients from birth to young adult with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, fluency needs, language disorders and articulation delays.

Wendy is presently living and working in Alberta.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Master of Science, Speech-Language Pathology(C).