Learning Disabilities Tutor

Learning Disability Services

Learning disabilities are diagnosed by psychologists or psychiatrists. Once that happens and you seek additional help for your child, we help by offering the following services that lead to student success:

Assessment – When we first meet with a child informal skill-based tests for spelling, reading, reading comprehension and math are administered. This assessment process forms the basis of the tutoring sessions: the focus, long-term strategies and methods.

Learning Plans – A personalized student learning plan is developed┬ábased on identified individual student areas of need. This learning plan is followed throughout the tutoring sessions and modified according to the student’s progress.

Tutoring -Each tutorial session lasts for an hour and is designed to follow the same structure. This ensures consistency and predictability for the child. At the end of each tutorial we are available to meet with the parent to discuss the work covered.

Homework – Every student will be given homework that is success oriented and designed to practice the skills focused on in class. Having homework also lets the parents interact with their child and participate in their learning progress. We understand additional homework can be daunting, but our experience indicates that most students are eager to complete homework when they feel confident in their abilities.