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We know everyone learns differently, in fact in all schools today those differences are taken into account when curriculum and classroom strategies are developed. However, additional support or different instructional tactics are sometimes needed in order to maximize student success. One of those situations is when the student has a learning disability.

Learning Disabilities

Successfully teaching students with a learning disability requires knowledge and expertise about learning styles, learning differences and learning disabilities.

As highlighted by the National Center for Learning Disabilities a learning disability is “more than a “difference” or “difficulty” with learning—it’s a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to receive, process, store and respond to information”.

Two main areas of learning disability are verbal (reading, writing, composition writing and spelling) and non-verbal (understanding, social skills). Dyslexia, the most commonly known verbal learning disability, is also the most common learning disability where students have trouble with language in such a way that it affects reading, writing and spelling.

Other learning disabilities specifically affect writing skills (Dysgraphia) and math skills (Dyscalculia).

Why Tutoring?

Tutoring is a special one-on-one strategy, where time is spent targeting the student’s specific needs, without everyday distractions of working in a group.

With tutoring we can move at the speed appropriate for your child so as to ensure mastery of one skill before moving to the next.  This helps students make gains by focusing on their individual needs.

How we help?   Testimonials

All teachers are trained to teach students with learning differences, but not necessarily in teaching students with learning disabilities, which requires additional knowledge of unique strategies and expertise.

Specializing in teaching students with learning disabilities means implementing time-tested strategies such as using phenemic spelling and reading techniques, and visual imagery techniques for comprehension and spelling. All our services focus on improving a student’s abilities in their area of need.